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Moringa oleifera Seeds


Method removes:


Visual Description (Source: – click on bullets for images of what is being described.

  • small deciduous tree with sparse foliage
  • 8 m high and 60 cm
  • bole crooked, often forked from near the base
  • bark smooth, dark grey or thin, yellowish
  • twigs and shoots shortly but densely hairy
  • crown wide, open; umbrella shaped
  • usually a single stem
  • deep rooted
  • soft wood
  • leaves alternate, the old ones soon falling off; each leaf large (up to about 90 cm long), with opposite pinnae, spaced about 5 cm apart up the central stalk, usually with a 2nd lot of pinnae, also opposite, bearing leaflets in opposite pairs, with a slightly larger terminal leaflet.
  • leaflets dark green above and pale on the under surface; variable in size and shape, but often rounded-elliptic, seldom as much as 2.5 cm long.
  • flowers produced throughout the year
  • individual flower stalks up to 12 mm long and very slender
  • 5 white petals, unequal, a little longer than the sepals; 5 stamens with anthers, 5 without; style slender, flowers very sweet smelling.
  • fruits are large and distinctive, up to 90 cm long and 12 mm broad, slightly constricted at intervals, gradually tapering to a point, 3- (4-) angled, with 2 grooves on each face, light brown.
  • splits along each angle to expose the rows of rounded blackish oily seeds, each with 3 papery wings.


Water Treatment Instructions (Source: – Video demonstration: Link to Youtube

  1. Allow the Moringa seed pods to dry naturally on the tree before harvesting them
  2. Remove the seed husks, leaving a whitish kernel
  3. Crush the seed kernels to a powder with a stone or mortar
  4. Add the resulting seed powder to the water you wish to purify. – 100-150 mg (5 pinches) of ground Moringa seed treats one liter of water, depending on how clear the water is
  5. Stir quickly for 30 seconds, then slowly and regularly for five minutes
  6. Cover the water and do not disturb it for at least an hour
  7. The clean water may be siphoned or poured off the top of the container



  • Minor Chemical Impurities may still be present
  • Just because water appears clear does not mean safe to drink, please boil water to ensure harmful microbe removal




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